An enormous collection of 1154 MP3 jazz play along backing tracks from the essential Real Book Volume 1 Fake Book!

Jazz Vocals? Instrumental Jazz? However you display your talent...

These backing tracks will give you the much needed "in the trenches" rehearsal time and experience with these "must have" songs you'll be faced with on the bandstand.

(Your audience and bandmates will appreciate it!)

We've curated and assembled a massive collection of play along backing tracks covering the vast majority of songs from the Real Book Volume 1.

The work is already done for you so you don't have to spend precious musical time trying to hunt down the tracks you need. And there's no waiting to get together with your fellow musicians in order to jam on some tunes.

With these jazz tracks you'll be able to rapidly build up your repertoire, rehearse for gigs, work out new soloing concepts, polish new chord voicings, progressions, accompaniment skills and generally boost your chops.

Singers - Imagine being able to learn new songs and lyrics without having to rely on other musicians.

You could even gig with these backing tracks, vocally or instrumentally - Karaoke style.

  • There are 1154 total play along tracks = 4.17 GB worth of data
  • 103 hours and 44 minutes hours of music = 4½ days of continuous music.
  • The tracks are in MP3 format - playable on any compatible digital music player.
  • The vast majority of the songs in the Real Book are contained here (skipping some of the ultra obscure ones)
  • 3 to 5 play along tracks are provided for most tracks, resulting in a variety of tempos, instrumentation and or musical style.
  • "Bass and drums only" tracks let you practice the changes (for harmonic instruments) or treat it as a trio setting if you play a melodic instrument.
  • Keys are indicated in the file name.
  • Documentation includes a Table Of Contents listing in PDF and Excel format (for easy sorting) and indicates song title, key and audio run time.
  • Comes out to about .03 cents a track

Click on the speaker to hear a demo "montage" of four randomly chosen songs from this extremely comprehensive collection.



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